Answering cancer
Treatment related fatigue

Encer is a homeopathic solution for Cancer Treatment Related Fatigue (CTRF). It is clinically approved and as a safe non-chemical product, Encer co-resides with conventional cancer treatments without additional side effects.

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Encer Ornament

Post-treatment Cancer Related Fatigue symptoms

CTRF is a common and distressing side-effect of cancer treatment and impacts over 70% of all patients even after their recovery. Its symptoms include continual severe and overwhelming physical pain coupled with extreme exhaustion.

These symptoms often lead to the decline in emotional, psychosocial and physical capabilities. Recent studies are now also showing a strong correlation between CTRF with depression and anxiety disorders.

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Encer Ornament
Encer Ornament
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Encer Solution
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Encer is
clinically approved

Encer is the only clinically approved product that holistically addresses CTRF. With Encer, you know that it is manufactured in a safe and approved environment and that it provides the benefits it promises.


Since our ingredients are all homeopathic, Encer co-exists with other cancer treatments and can be taken at the same time.

More energy

By alleviating CTRF symptoms, Encer promotes an improved quality of life and helps patients on the way to recovery faster.

Sounds too good to be true? It gets better….

As a homeopathic product, Encer co-resides with traditional treatment and is approved by physicians.

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The benefits of using Encer
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Easy to swallow

The Encer pill dissolves on your tongue and has no after-taste. It can be taken twice a day and kicks in nearly immediately.

Zero side-effects

Since Encer is made from HPUS approved homeopathic ingredients with no artificial taste or preserving agent additives, there are no side-effects.

Encer Desgin Element
Encer Desgin Element

Improves quality of life

“It’s not about getting back to normal; it’s about finding out what’s normal for you.”

Those who have gone through cancer treatments describe the first few months as a time of change. We offer a faster and healthier way to find the new normal and to recover.



Every year over 18,000,000 people are diagnosed with cancer worldwide.


Statistics show that at least half of all cancer patients suffer from CTRF.

5 Years +

Fatigue can last for over 5 years and negatively impact quality of life.

Clinical Trial Statistics

Symptom reported throughout the month CTRF frequency

124 patients – retrospective analysis regarding homeopathic treatment 2017 publication: Feasibility of Homeopathic Treatment for Symptom Reduction in an Integrative Oncology Service

Symptom reported periodically each month

Treatment ameliorates attention and motor abilities in sleep-deprived rats

Maarten Hoffman et al. The Oncologist 2007: 12:4.10

57 Breast cancer patients randomized double-blind placebo trial – see graph

Clinical trials prove that Encer works

Encer Team
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Encer Team

Benjy Copeland, M.Sc

Seasoned C-level Manager at several hi-tech companies

Encer Team

Aviv Antebi

Owner of an R&D Company and entrepreneur

Encer Team

Yakov Freed, MD

Director of the Integrative Medicine Unit, Sourasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv

Encer Team

Prof. Merav A. Ben-David, MD

Head of Radiation Oncology Department, Assuta Medical Center, Tel-Aviv

Encer Team

Orna Goldberg

Business, Marketing and Strategic consultant

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Encer is represented by the
Agnon Law Firm

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THM conducted our research at their facilities and will be our partners during future research

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The Technion provided their patented measurement technologies and participated in our research

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Encer is represented by the
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